Saturday, September 18, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Food & Eat

At the beginning, your character is a healthy boy. But along the way, will it last? It depends on you, how you eat and what you eat, how long do you spend your time working and walking around the village, etc ...

Ways to know your character's health:
  1. Check your diary, you can check the stamina, appetite, etc. 
  2. Check your character when he's walking, he can shows certain moves or even stops walking if he's really hungry.
  3. Hit the start button, look at the screen and see your character on the left side. He'll show certain moves after a while. 

Ways to fill the empty stomach:

  1. Fish. It's the easiest and cheapest food. All you need is a fishing rod, kitchen, and a chef attitude. ;)
  2. Plants. Go behind your house and you can see that little green plant. It's great for a snack. 
  3. Milk. Great when you're really starving, but still have to work. But my friends say it's a waste to drink such an expensive milk. 

And I'm sure there are plenty of other items to boost up your character's energy, but in my opinion, that's the top three. :) 

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