Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Animal

In this post, I will write a few tips about
  1. Cow
  2. Horse
  3. Dog
  4. Sheep

This one is so loveable, you can milk a cow twice a day and sell it to Takakura, Van, or give it to the villagers.
When your cow is sleeping, and you have to milk her, don't click the X/O to wake her up, but push her around the barn. Keep doing this until she is fully awake, and you can milk her without making her mad.

Horse will never die. You can stop feeding your horse and he will be fine, but his heart will decrease eventually.
You can still ride your horse when it's raining, and same like a cow, push him around to wake him up. :)
Horse loves brush, so don't forget to brush him everyday, and talk to him until he pops a heart icon on his head.
You will get a horse for free from Takakura

Dog is the first pet that you will have when you start Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life. There are two options, but you can only pick one dog.
Train your dog so he can chase Murray the burglar when he enters your farm to steal some food in the food storage.

You can buy a sheep from Takakura, and you need to buy the tools too, scissor and brush.
Brush and bathe the sheep everyday, and he'll produce a wool.
 When you're taking a really good care of your sheep, he will produce a golden wool. It's not a myth, guys! Trust me! :)

I'm looking forward to write posts based on questions from here and there. I love collecting my friends' questions and strolling from web to web to make fresh new posts.

~The luxury of playing the Harvest Moon!~ :D


Anonymous said...

How can you sell it to Van or the villagers? Is there a way to take the cow out of the barn or pasture to the villagers or Van? What is the way? This relates to the how to take the cow to the milking room question I asked.
- Foster

Bali Tidbits said...

Dear Foster :) thank you for the question! Right, the first question is ... the cow, hmm, unfortunately, you can't sell the cow itself, but you can still sell the milk to Takakura (in the shipping room--the building next to your house) or Van (the guy that comes on certain dates and opens the store next to Inn) or the villagers (by opening your own store which on the spot that Van usually takes when he is around--but you can't open a store when Van is coming, you can check on the calendar :) ) Second, you can't take the cow out of the barn, it can only stay inside the barn and the pasture. And if you want to take the cow to the milking room, you can push it and the milking room will do the rest :)

~Keep playing Harvest Moon!~