Friday, May 21, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature: Complete Items from TV Shopping

I'm having hard time deciding is this post a spoiler or not. Because I'm writing down the complete list of items from TV Shopping that you can buy. Oh well, placing one warning won't hurt. ;)


  1. Knife for 3000 G
  2. Frying pan for 2500 G
  3. Pot for 2000 G
  4. Mixer for 2500 G
  5. Whisk - 1000 G
  6. Rolling pin for 1500 G
  7. Oven for 5000G
  8. Seasonings set for 5000 G
  9. Power berry for 5000 G

I put them in order, yes, the power berry is the last item that you can buy, means that you have to buy the 8 items wether you like it or not, to get your power berry. :)

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