Saturday, July 3, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Music Box

Okay. This one is actually a secret. There are only a few people that knows this special music box. I'm writing the complete step by step to have this music box! You can't invent, can't buy it, can't ask for someone to give it to you! I'm telling you, this is a rare item!

Near the dog's house and a tree in your farm, there is an old music box burried inside. Grab your hoe and dig around the place. When you've found it, talk to Rick until he offers a help to fix the broken music box for free.  

Once Rick is done, the music box is yours. You can keep it in the shelf in your up-graded house, or give it to your girlfriend or wife.

~Harvest Moon!~


Anonymous said...

harvest moon back to nature PS 1 or Back to nature 64?

Bali Tidbits said...

Hey Crystal___♥ :) thank you for the great question, I totally forgot to write it down: you can only find it in the Harvest Moon Back to Nature 64. thank you once again!