Saturday, September 18, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Strange Tools

Strange tools are the tools you don't get from the very first beginning and you can't buy from Takakura.

For example, the Inn guy will give you a strange hoe. You can't buy a strange hoe because it's never on sale.

Just some quick tips about dealing with the strange tools:

  1. Always accept. It maybe strange, but that's the point! ;) Accept a strange tool from anyone, anytime. 
  2. Collect them. Just for fun, but you'll be happy when you're browsing through your collections. 
  3. Don't use them. Collection is just a collection.

Don't use them? Why? Well, because most of the strange tools are heavy, and you don't want to waste your time and your energy when you have your own easy and non-strange tools. Right? I'm sure you do. ;) 

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