Monday, November 8, 2010

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Treasure Hunt 1

The most complicated but yet fascinating ending in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland. In some articles, they call it with 'Sacred Land' which is also correct because it is the main criteria in finishing the Treasure Hunt 1 and Treasure Hunt 2 

The person you'll need is the little guy, Tim. Befriend Tim by giving him sweets and eggs at least one everyday, you can find him near the supermarket every morning. Don't forget the big brother, Bob. He loves cooked fish and anything that is home made. And two additional are Dia--spoiled rich girl and Maria--the main from the villa.

One day, Tim will show up at your house with a map and asks you to join a treasure hunt. Clear your schedule by saying 'yes' :) And then you'll find yourself with Tim at the lake, looking at the toys that Tim's father buried when he was a boy. Okay, so phase one is complete. It's not about the old toys, it's about Tim finding his new partner. You.

After that, you'll be facing the real treasure hunt, guys, this is ...

Treasure Hunt 1

It will happen after your first adventure with Tim. Tim will show up at your house, again, with a new map. Now this is important because you'll keep this one. 

Tim will leave you with the map, and that is the right time to befriend your dog. When your dog's heart is up--check your diary next to the bed--take your dog the Clove's villa, then you'll be having a cut-scene where your dog found a path to the Sacred Land. 

You'll get a seed from the Sacred Land, and make sure to plant it next to Lila's Flower Shop. Do not forget to water them everyday. 

Prepare yourself for the ending ;)

~Flowery Harvest Moon!~ :) 


Amin said...

this is very helpful

Anonymous said...

How long should i wait to finish this quest if i wanna still do other stuff like require a girlfriend and whatnot?

Bali Tidbits said...

Dear Anonymous :)

The duration of each ending in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland mostly depends on your guy :) I'm not quite sure about the precise timing in finishing the Treasure Hunt 1, but I believe it takes about 3 weeks in the game if you're really fast :D and of course you can still do other things! Socializing with the villagers is a must, but always keep in mind that you only have a year to save the homeland! :)

Bali Tidbits said...

thank you so much Amin! Glad to know the post is useful! :)