Monday, November 8, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Treasure Hunt 2

Treasure Hunt 2 is a lot more simple than Treasure Hunt 1, and for those who have finished the Treasure Hunt 1, I'm sure there is no problem at all in finishing the second part ;)

All you have to do is to do the same exact step by step walkthrough like Treasure Hunt 1, but then we'll have a difference in the villa. Instead of taking your dog to the villa, you have to befriend Dia and Maria, and make sure to visit them everyday and give their favorite gifts. Dia loves blueberries and Maria likes flowers. 

Dia will come to your farm after you're friends with her, she'll ask you to go to the Clove Villa and shows you a bag of seed that she found. 

We're heading to the most important parts and yes, sometimes it can be a bit complicated ... I'll make points:

  1. Go the Sacred Land, look for the big stone. You'll find some symbols (musical notes, stars, square, etc) and you have to match it with the seeds (red crop = tomato, root = potato, brown = breadfruit, yellow = corn)
  2. Plant the seeds on the correct square in Sacred Land based from the symbols. Remember to plant it on the same day you read the symbols, because it will always change until you plant the seeds.
  3. Water the plants everyday. That is a must: everyday.
  4. Wait until all the plants are ripe. Don't harvest them. 
  5. You'll get a bag of seeds. 
  6. Dia will show up at your farm again and she'll plant the seeds next to Lyla's shop
  7. Wait for the cut-scenes
  8. Happy ending

~Harvest Moon is indeed a treasure. Right? Right! ;) ~ 


Anonymous said...

I've been Dia's friend for so long but she won't show up to my farm. What should I do to trigger the event? I'm so hopeless :(

Bali Tidbits said...

Hello Anonymous :) you can try to trigger the event by entering the door to your house and then go out again, try this for several times. You can tell when an event is going to happen by listening to the background music, if the music stops when you're opening the door, then an event will surely happen. And if it's still not working, maybe you have to give Tim and Maria more gifts, because both of them can trigger the event too. Hope it'll work!