Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Complete Fish Ending

Materials needed:
  1. Fishing rod from Joe,
  2. Fishing rod from Louis' Shop
  3. Fishing rod from Kurt
  4. Gifts for Joe, Kurt and Woody (fish, fruit, tomato, and ore)
  5. Some money (about 14,620 G)

Characters needed:
  1. Your character
  2. Joe
  3. Kurt
  4. Woody
  5. Louis
  6. Lila

Step by step:

  1. Go to Lila's Flower Shop and buy 4 tomato seeds (80 G per seed) plant and water them.
  2. Give berries to Joe and talk to him every evening in the lake, dig ores and give them to Woody.
  3. Harvest your tomatoes, give some to Kurt and sell the rest of them.

Soon you'll have a cut-scene, where you're walking to the lake and you see Joe is fishing, you'll talk to him and he will give you a fishing rod.

  1. Fish everyday, try to catch medium fish, then sell them to Wallace and give some to Joe too.
  2. Keep visiting Joe in the lake every evening, and giving tomatoes and ores to Woody.
  3. Work and save your money.

Joe is telling you that you'll need a better fishing rod. This is the time for you to go to Louis' Shop for upgrading your fishing rod (4,500 G)

  1. Build a kitchen (10,000 G)
  2. Cook the fish and give it to Joe, you can also give it to Kurt and Woody.
  3. Keep fishing everyday and talk to Joe at the lake every evening.

One day when you and Joe are chatting, both of you will see a silver thing swimming in the lake. Joe believes it is the rare Silver Fish, he is hoping he can catch the Silver Fish.

  1. Keep giving gifts to Joe, Kurt and Woody until you get a cut-scene that involves the Harvest Sprites and all the carpenters.
  2. Keep fishing. Especially when it's a rainy day.

There will be a cut-scene with Kurt, he will ask you to collect some herbs. When you've got 10 herbs in your rucksack, visit Kurt. Then, he will upgrade your fishing rod into the highest level.

Now this is the last and hardest part of the ending: to catch the Silver Fish.
The only way to catch the Silver Fish is by fishing on a moonlit day, in early evening.
The moonlit day is 14th, 15th, 29th and 30th

Again, you need to be patient in finishing this ending. Try to fish with full concentration. :)

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