Saturday, June 5, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Basket and Horse Race

Horse race is an event that is held every year in the town-square, from time to time, you can tell the villagers say the exact same dialogue like they said last year. :p

But here is something important, in a horse race, you bet your favorite horse (or you can enter yours) and get a point if the horse wins. Then, you can trade the point with gifts from the Mayor.

Maybe this is some kind of spoiler, but the greatest gift is a power berry.

So what is the use of basket in this event? I'll tell you something important, sometimes you are very lucky, you will win so many gifts that you don't even have any space in your rucksack. Well, if you leave the event, your point will disappear, so that's a big no-no.

Make sure you bring your basket everytime you go to the Horse Race.

Place your bets! ;)

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