Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Friends from Mojokerto and Singapore!

On 29 May, I was attending a perfect graduation party for the ninth grader (I'll write about that in the next post, :) ). It was great, the bands were spectacular, and the modern dancers rocked the stage. :D

But the story started when I was walking home after the party. My teacher called me and asked if I can come to school on 31 May, to meet students from Singapore.

And so, there I was, 31 May, 08.00 o'clock sharp, raining and found out that my class was empty and got no idea where to put my bag. Thank God I coped with that. :)

I met my teacher and he gave me a quick briefing about the event, then I had a chit-chat with the English Club, took a walk around the school, found the Balinese dancers in the 'school clinic'-no, they were not sick, it's just that they already got dressed way before the event and can't walk in the rain. haha. :p -

So 15 minutes before the students arrived, the English Club got together and talked about the plans. Sadly, almost half of our crew was out for a remedial (mostly in Bio and Physic), but they promised to join us as soon as they can. I was walking upstairs, heading to the hall and found the balinese dancers were already there, mysteriously. Lol. :)

I took pictures from the preparation:

Then, the students from Bedok South Secondary School - Singapore arrived. We showed them the seats, we took chairs for ourselves, prepared the chairs for SMP N 1 Mojokerto too, and tada! We made it! Hurray!!!

Half of the English Club showed up just in time, before the event started. 

The event went well, then my teacher told the English Club to give a tour around the school. It was raining, but I believe the tour was fun. :) Would love to show them the swimming pool, but there is not enough time. We saw the classes, bio lab, physic lab, and we took a break at the library.

At the end, I made new friends and had a real good time that day. Got tons of gifts from Bedok South Secondary School, (thank u sooo much guys!! :D ) and I'm preparing some gifts for them too, I'm heading to the post office first thing in the morning. :)

My gifts for them ... :) Hope they'll love them


Oh, and I would like to say thank you for my English teacher, Mr. Kawi, the one that asked me to come to school on 31 May. I never thought it could be so much fun! Thanks, Mr. Kawi!   

The Event:

Bedok South Secondary School Dance Team :)

Our amazing yet misterious Balinese dancers. :p

My new friends! :D

Sitting near Gamelan, our traditional music instrument.

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