Friday, September 17, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature – Ellen’s Pie

Hmm ... I hope this post is good enough for the newest post in The Harvest Moon Stuff. I’m having a hard time in deciding which post is good enough to be published first, but after thinking and re-thinking, I picked this one. :D

Okay, back to Ellen’s Pie.

Ellen’s Pie is one of the cut-scenes that you will find in Harvest Moon Back to Nature. But this cut-scene is, well, special. It’s not in the “cut-scene for marriage” categories, but the gift that you will get will bounce up your future wife’s heart-level. Trust me, it works all the time. ;)

Step by step:

  1.  When you’re close enough with the Mayor, one day he’ll come to your farm. He’ll ask you to get a pie from Inn that he ordered and hand it to Ellen, Elli’s grandmother.
  2. Go to the Inn, you’ll see Ann is working. Oh, and you don’t need to pay anything, Mayor has paid for the pie. Just take the pie and head over to Ellen’s place.
  3. Ellen lives with her grand-daughter, it’s the house next to the library. Enter the house and you’ll find her sitting on a rock-chair.
  4. Hand the pie to her, she’ll thank you and she’ll try to give you a tip. Now this is the tricky one, my friends usually say ‘yes’, of course a tip sounds good, but believe me, when you say no, Ellen, Elli and the Mayor will love you more. 
  5.  After you gave the pie to Ellen, Elli will come, she’s having a break from the clinic and really happy to see you giving the pie to her grandmother. She’ll give you another pie. This is the gift I wrote about, this is the special gift that you can give to the girl you love, including Elli. :D Don’t give the pie to regular villagers, give it to the one you love.
  6. The next day, Mayor will pay you a visit once again, and he’ll give you a cake. You can do whatever you like with the cake, it doesn’t really help in the heart-level, so I suggest you to eat it if you want to.

There they are, the six steps you should take. And remember, never ever ever take the tip. It’ll ruin everything, remembering that this cut-scene will only happen once, I think we should be careful with our answers and options. 

~At the end, Harvest Moon always Rocks!~


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