Thursday, July 1, 2010

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Animal & Pasture

Sometimes it's frustating when you have to push the cows, one by one to get them outside the barn. Well, your character got to do what a character got to do. Here is my personal ways when it comes to taking care of my cows and horse. :)

  1. Enter the barn, walk to the fodder place.
  2. Take fodder as much as you need, prepare a brush in my inventory
  3. Approach one of your cow, 
  4. Put the fodder in the cow's fodder box
  5. Brush her and talk to her. When the dialogue shows a cute words like 'You look happy', Talk to her again and again. Believe me, you'll earn more heart, and more golden milk. ;) 
  6. Do the same thing all over again to the rest of your animal (including horse) 
  7. Push them one by one to get them to the pasture when it's sunny.
  8. Let them enjoy their day, do your other chores 

Tiring? Why, yes, this is a farm! You have to do your chores and there is no room service, sweetie. ;) But there is no need to be in a rush, because time stops by when you're in a room.  

And when you want to put the animal back in the barn? 

There is one simple way: teaching your dog. Use the flute you got from Lois, the guy from the drug store. I'll write another post about the magical flute, and how it can save your day--and your homeland. :) 

~Don't stop Harvest Mooning!~

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