Friday, September 17, 2010

Tie Frenzy

Alright. This craziness started a while ago, after I attended my new senior high school.

Before I got in, I never realized that I have to wear a tie for my new uniform. And now, I have to find a way to learn how to tie a tie, or else, you don't want to know. :(

I think the only character who wears a tie in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life is Sebastian, and I know the only one who puts her attention into that kind of thing is Romana. I have no idea about the function of a tie. ;) But hey, when you're playing Harvest Moon Back to Nature, you can see the Mayor and that snobby photographer next to Elli's house. :p

Anyway, you can see me wearing my school uniform, check out the tie, we have our school's logo in it! :D

I'm still practicing now, how to make my tie looks tidy and neat.

Care for some tie-day?

Visit this amazing site.  I'm using pratt knot. Looking forward to see yours! :)

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