Saturday, July 3, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Farm/House Upgrades

This post is a second post about farm/house upgrades in Harvest Moon Back to Nature,  the difference from the first post is, it's the complete list about farm/house upgrades!!!

I'm in love with bold writings, as you can see. ;)

  1. First House Upgrade : adds a kitchen with a refrigerator. Price - 4700 G, Lumbers - 370 
  2. Second House Upgrade : bigger kitchen, a living room, second bed room and a fire place. A must before you propose your girlfriend. Price - 10.000 G, Lumbers - 750 
  3. Barn Extension : hold up to 20 animal. Price - 6800 G, Lumbers 500 
  4. Chicken Coop Extension : hold up to 10 animal. Price - 5000 G, Lumbers - 420 
  5. Greenhouse : very useful for planting your seeds in Winter, but easily broken by tornado. Price - 30.000 G, Lumbers - 580 

Cute, isn't it? Well, one thing for sure, you have to work hard on the first chapter/year one because you have to upgrade your house if you want to get a wife. Cut the lumbers and save up your money, or else, though her heart turns red for you, she will marry someone else (your rival, based on the girl you choose) at the end of year one. 

~Keep Working in Harvest Moon!~

After all, that's the fun part right? ;) 

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