Thursday, July 1, 2010

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Flute from Louis

This flute is a magical flute, well, at least for the villagers, because it'll Save The Homeland. :) Here is how to get a flute from Louis, the guy in the drugstore.

When you choose to use the flute for an ending, it means you'll choosing the Blue-bird Ending. Befriend Louis, give him herbs and talk to him everyday. His shop is the shop near Lila's Flower Shop. He is a shy guy, so it'll take more time to make friends with him, but I'm sure it won't take more than one season/month. 

One afternoon, come to the lake to find Louis is playing his flute, there will be an event when Louis is giving the flute for you. I believe I've wrote a post about complete blue-bird ending.

Now, it's about using the flute to teach your dog. Teaching him what? Teaching him some tricks just for fun--and the most important thing is, teaching him to put the cows back in the farm. Remember, you need to be discipline so that your dog will be able to do his job. 

Select the flute in your inventory, hit X to use it, and select to view this options: 

Sit                         : UP, LEFT, DOWN
Down                   : UP, DOWN, DOWN
Heel                     : LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT
Drive animals  : RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT
Jump                   : LEFT, UP, RIGHT
Sit up                   : DOWN, UP, UP 

Also, you can use this to herd your cows, using the 'Drive Animals',  all of the cows will go straight to the barn. But you need at least 4 hearts from each cow to do this :) 

~Harvest Moon rocks!~

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