Friday, June 5, 2009

Why You Should Train Your Dog

Because if you train your dog in HARVEST MOON - A WONDERFUL LIFE, it'll guard your farm--seriously!--if Murray comes into your farm to steal something to eat (and believe me, he'll steal the food wether you give him or not.), your dog will bark and trying to bite him, and he'll ran away and so, doesn't get enough time to steal all your food.

Where can he steal your food? Tarram!! IF YOU PUT IT IN THE SHIPPING ROOM! He'll be able to steal all the food that you put in there! Seriously! He'll drink the milk and eat the eggs. And you cannot do anything! You can't control your character! It's a cut scene!

Try training your dog by clicking O, then a "paw" sign will appear. Train it until he gets upset. It's the greatest and only way to stop Murray stealing your food, because he can do it again and again ...

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