Friday, June 5, 2009

Japan Version Harvest Moon

I was looking for random ps2 games, and I went to my friend's store, I saw Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, I WANT IT SO BADLY! Because the disc is behind the waitress', I asked her about the disc.

Me: "Mbak, yang itu Harvest Moon kan? Bahasa apa?"
(Mbak, that one is Harvest Moon, right? What language is it?)
Waitress: "Oh, iya. Baru masuk lho! Ini tinggal satu! Bagus banget! Bahasa
Indonesia ini, Mbak!"
(Oh yes, it just came in! This is the only one left! This is very good! It's in Indonesian
language, Mbak.)

I'm surprised knowing that this Harvest Moon is in Indonesian language. Yes, my Harvest Moon Back To Nature for PS 1 is in Indonesian too, but this one is weird because the cover is written in Japanese language. So, I bought it and when I got home the first thing that I do is turn on my ps 2 to check out my new game.

But unfortunately, it's in Japanese! Well, I bursted into laugh, it's just funny! I played the whole day without any reason. I absolutely know nothing about Japanese except the number (ichi, ni, san, yon, go, haha ...) I only learn about Japanese by book. And so, I tried to learn something from it:
  1. In Japan, X means O and vice versa
  2. Always try the game in the store, after all, why do they put the PS there? I never get angry to the waitress even though she said that the Harvest Moon is in Indonesian Language, because I don't bother checking the truth about her words by using the PS 2 in my friend's store! The last thing I want to do is being rude! We learn about karma here in Bali!

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