Monday, June 8, 2009


there's a question about fishing. I love fishing! In harvest moon and in real life. And in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland, my money depends on fishing and my cows. So this is the answer

When you swing your fishing rod to the LAKE near the bar/restaurant (not the Harvest Spirit's pond), there will be an arrow blinking and there's a circle with dark-blue colour. It means a fish (or a trash).

hit X AT THE SAME TIME follow the arrow that'sblinking, like when -> (right) is blinking, then push your analog stick to the right.

After the carpenter guy gave you the fishing rod, keep giving him presents! Now that you got fishing rod, give the little fish that cannot be sale to that guy! Even better if you have a kitchen, you can cook it first! Just click the pan and select fish, then give it to him. He will give you SPECIAL FISHING ROD, and then, you will get the chance to play the ending about the magical fish! You have to catch that fish and the town people that want to destroy the island will stop, because it's a rare fish and they don't want to kill it, bla bla bla ...

Hope this helps!

N.B: I have to wear glasses now, and it's +! The guy at the store said it's because I spent too much time in front of the computer and TV. *typing* *clicking* *playing PS 2* am I? ^_^

I love Jodi Picoult! I love Goenawan Moehammad! I love Pramoedya Ananta Tour! I love Mandiri Bank!

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