Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bla Bla Bla ...

Here are some random ideas Harvest Moon, most of them are my personal experience ... *yawning* I'm so sleepy, just got out from the plane and spent 2 hours for my beauty sleep ... *yawning* My mother is preparing for this party and same as usual, I always follow her like a duck. LOL. I L.O.V.E my mother! She's the best mom in the world! (I'd love to show you her photo, but ... She didn't agree).

I just read Girlfriend magazine in the plane. The July edition sure is cool!

Well ...

*) Buat yang tinggal di Indonesia !!!!!!
Karena banyak sekali teman-temanku yang mengeluh nggak bisa main harvest moon ... Nggak ngerti caranya. Ada bukunya lho! Aku udah punya
  1. Harvest Moon Back To Nature (PS 1)
  2. Harvest Moon Save The Homeland (PS 2),
  3. Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life (PS 2)
  4. Harvest Moon Innocent Life / Futuristic Harvest Moon (PS 2)

*) Harvest Moon is a RPG--Role Playing Game--so if you find that you love it very much, maybe you're a RPG lover! Check out other Harvest Moon series or maybe what Natsume published! It's cool! You'll probably love The Sims too, I found that mostly the Harvest Moon fans enjoy playing The Sims.

*) This has nothing to do with Harvest Moon, but Metropolismania is cool! It's Natsume!


Personally, I never play Harvest Moon using the cheat. I never pay attention to the Harvest Moon cheat at all! (maybe because I know if I look at it, I'll try it. LOL) It ruins the whole game!

Wait for the next posts! There are some special tips about cut-scene for Harvest Moon A Wonderful World!

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