Thursday, June 4, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Marriage

This is my favorite part, haha ... ^_^ Marriage. It's just nice to see our son/daughter grow from baby to toddler, teenage ...

So in this post, I'd like to give a "piece of my mind" about marriage in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life (If you have any question, just e-mail me!

In HM A Wonderful Life PS2, you can choose one girl from 4 candidate.
  1. Muffy
  2. Celia
  3. Nami
  4. Lumina

Muffy is the easiest and Lumina is the hardest one to get.


With Muffy, you can talk to her and give her one flower, she already got one pink heart!

Muffy loves moon ore and all kinds of flower. Just make sure you pick the right option in every cut-scene and you can win her heart in ONE SEASON!


She lives with Vesta and wears a green dress and a green bandana. If you marry her, she sometimes help you with your plants, like water it. After all, she works in Vesta's farm! Her child seems to be the happiest one during his/her teenage stage.


The cold girl that lives in the inn. She loves fossil, blue-trick flower, and that weird statue from the mine. If you visit her at 10 am in the inn everyday and gives her a present every day, you can marry her around 3th season.


Sweet pianist girl. Your child will have a talent in music if you marry Lumina! But she never helps you in the farm ... Believe me, I married her.


You can choose between a son or a girl, just go the Harvest Sprite's house, eat the mushroom to get in and click the pot for like 100 times or more, then the Harvest Spirit will tell you something about winning, and asks you: do you wan't a boy or a daughter.

Your child can choose his/her career, depends on your friend that will influence him/her and the items that you show to him/her. He/she can be a musician (be friended with Gustafa), an athelete (be friended with Wally), earn a scholarship (be friended with Daryl), become a rancher (with you), become a farmer (with you).

Few Tips:

*) If you want to focus in raising money (which includes selling flowers, coin and thing from the mine that the girls may like) pick one girl that you like, give her favorite present and wait until the green heart turns to pink. Then leave her and focus in raising money for 1 year (4 seasons) At the end of the year, you will wake up from your sleep and the girl that you like will come to you and say "I love you" bla bla bla ... YOU HAVE TO SAY "YES" or it's game over!

*) If you like Nami, give her fossils, blue-trick flower or weird statue, one present a day. And when the Harvest Spirits give you a blue-feather, propose all girls and then cancel it except Nami. Nami will get jealous and love you more.

*) Make sure you pick the right option in every cut-scene! E-mail me with the question and I'll give you the right option! Just pick the right one! Because when you pick the false answer, you'll need to give the girl extra presents, and it's getting tougher winning her heart ...

*) Don't forget to speak to your wife everyday, yes she'll talk the same thing over and over again, but just talk to her. One time a day is enough, just to make sure that her heart is full for you (you can check that in your diary). Or she'll left you and you cannot marry with anyone after that, there's only ONE blue feather in game.

*) Get a duck using your wife!

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