Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thinking Bulb

Before I give you the my piece of mind about Harvest Moon, I would like to tell you a story about last night party! I spent my evening working on my hair and make-up, it took 15 minutes for my hair and other 15 minutes for my make-up, and one and a half hour playing PS 2. The party is great, although I'm not much a social-person (I tend to be a loner, like my mom), I love the atmosphere in that building. And I especially love the souvenir they gave, it's a clock with traditional bride and groom. My mom and I will stitch cute things for the clock, and we will use the traditional statue as ... Hmm ... I have no idea, but I will use it anyway! It's so cute ...

Okay ... When I play Harvest Moon in PS 2 and PS 1, there are a lot of questions and ideas in my mind, and they keep bugging me so I've decided to share my questions with you. Help!

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World (PS 2)

  1. Does Takakura have a past? And what would it be? Because he is so tough and quiet. Where does he come from?

  2. I wanna cross that sea~! What can I see if I cross that sea?
  3. When you see the boat in the shore, it's actually your boat (my friends told me that) your father used to travel the village with that. Is it true?

  4. Don't you agree with me if I say that Sebastian loves Romana?

  5. My character seems to be a truly loner, but when I start a new game, it seems that he always smile and bla bla ... I know I'm the one who control him, is it me that have two personality? LOL.

Harvest Moon Back To Nature (PS 1)

  1. I lost my chicken when I took it out from my farm. How could this happen?

  2. In the opening, there's a little girl (your first love). Who do you think she is? Elli? Marry? Karen? Popuri? Or that tomboyish girl in the inn?

  3. What will happen if you sickle one of the girl? I'm not being evil, but I just want to know how she will react.

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland (PS 2)

  1. I want to marry the Harvest Goddess!
  2. I want to build a store in front of Bob's store! (I even dreamt about it in my sleep)
  3. I want to swim!!!
  4. I'm a little annoyed by that bag in my back that keeps moving if I run. I can imagine that sound will be "Boing! Boing! Boing!"
  5. Why is that cow in Bob's farm always gives S Milk, while my cow already gives Golden Milk? That's weird. It's like everything stops growing in Bob's farm.
  6. Does Gwen have a crush on Bob?

There's still a lot of things about Harvest Moon in my head, but I just can't remember it. Maybe I should write them in my harvest moon. Ooh .. Yes! I forget to tell you, I made a harvest moon note, noticing that every time I play Harvest Moon and stop, I forget where to continue. So I write my goals, the name of my wife, my dog's name, what I will do tomorrow, etc ... I'll give you the photo!

I want to buy Harvest Moon Sun Sparking & Friends and Harvest Moon Boy Meets Girl .. !!! I haven't got time to visit my friend's store, and there's no way I will visit the PS 2 store in Bali after I read about sick building syndrome. It's scary! I match all the signs of sick building syndrome and I'm sure I got it from that from the store in Bali!

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