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Tips for MAKING MONEY in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life: Special Edition (PS2)

I was googling randomly and found this tips. Thank you Amjad Farhan!!!

Tips for MAKING MONEY in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life: Special Edition (PS2)Don't actually know whether it would work in HMAWLI'm giving all of you a complete set of 'Money - Making Guide'.

Table of Contents:
1. Planting turnips (starting Method)
2. Fishing
3. Collecting wild plants and flowers (saving Money - Method)
4. Digsite/Excavation site
5. Banana trees
6. Seed maker
7. Dhibe cakes
8. Eggplants
9. Normal cow
10. Star cow
11. Golden eggs
12. Yams
13. S - rank crops/seeds (hybridizing Method)
14. Befriend Van (enchanting Method for you to make profits)
15. About the guide and me/The Author1)

Planting turnips
Just plant about 25 turnips and change it to pickle turnip in salad menu (cooking menu). One turnip is required to make a pickle turnip. After about 22-24 pickle turnips that you have made, you will unlock Dessert and Entree menu which are new cooking methods that can offer you to cook more dishes. This will be really - really useful afterwards.Note: Pickle turnip can be sold for 25G (same price as the normal/raw turnip)2)

This is the secret.Keep fishing and fishing.After unlocking the Entree menu, go to it and use one fish to make a sashimi. Sell it to Van and he will offer 150G for each of the sashimi. Say 'no' until he offers for a higher price which is 180G each!Tips: Use fish which has a value below than 150G.This is because you can turn it to sashimi to sell it.For fish which has the price higher than 150G, just sell it to Van such as Sharsharks and Huge Rainbob.3)

Collecting wild plants and flowers (saving Money - Method)Collect them, sell them, eat them and give it to your cat or dog. Don't ever eat/drink milk! It's a major waste! Here's the list:

Spring:*Mugworts: 15G Goddess Drop Flowers - 15G Toy flowers - 10G
Summer:*Royal Ferns - 15G Happy Lamp Flowers - 15G Mist Moon Flowers - 10G
Fall:*Hackberry - 20G *Matsutake - 25G *Toadstool - 100G *Bracken - 15GGemsoil - 20G Trick Blue Flowers - 10GWinter:*Sorrel - 20G Upseed Flowers - 25G Amorous Flowers - 10GNote: * means edible/can be eaten4)

Digsite/Excavation siteGo to the Digsite and dig as many and as long as you desire.You can sell the artifacts/fossils/statues to Van or give it to the villagers to befriend them. The more chapters that you go, there will be more artifacts that can be discovered which have a higher and better price.

Chapter 1Coin: 10G Skull Fossil: 50G Human Statue: 40G Moon Ore: 40GTablet C

Chapter 2 Sugar Ore: 50G Fossil: 40G Horse Statue: 70G Silver Coin: 40GTablet D

Chapter 3 Hip Fossil: 60G Hop Ore: 80G Jade Ball: 150G/180G*Tablet E

Chapter 4Gold Coin: 50G Strange Fossil: 100G Strange Item: 300G/360G*Tablet FNote: * means if haggled5)

Banana trees
To get money as soon as you can, buy banana seeds from Vesta. Plant them in one of your fields (I recommend the first field near your house). Now just wait until next year (you don't have to water your trees). During chapter 2 spring, your banana trees should flower and in summer (maybe not in the 1st day of Summer), you will see bananas at your tree. After that, collect the bananas. Now, if you have a seed maker, turn all (or most) of the bananas into banana seeds. Once they have become seeds, take them to Van, haggle the price, and sell it.6) Seed MakerThis extension is a MUST if you want to turn your fruit/crops to seeds. You can either buy it for 6000G or befriend Daryl to get one for free. Once his head turns toward you as you pass him by, go to his house at around the evening (I think so). You should get the cut-scene where he will give you the free seed maker. However, remember that you cannot get the free seed maker if you've talked to Takakura and he's offered to buy it for you. The seed maker will be in your ledger for 6000G if you've talked to Takakura, which mean that you will not get the free seed maker. So now, just turn all or most of the banana fruits to banana seeds which can be sell for 140G each. If haggled, you can sell it for 168G eachTips: Each fruit will give two seeds and it will take several days to turn it to seeds. You can also store some for hybridizing.7) Dhibe cakesIn chapter 2, after getting tartan. Once you have him and the hybridize option,make some dhibe seeds using turnip and strawberry (seeds is better because it can save a lots of money if it has accidentally failed ). Plant as many dhibe seeds as you want. Once they are fully grown, harvest them. Then, go to your kitchen (you'll need the dessert option). Use the recipe for dhibe cakes (dessert --> dhibe, milk, egg = dhibe cake).Take your dhibe cakes to Van, remember to haggle the price, and sell them to him.Note: Each dhibe cake can be haggled for 2010G each.8) EggplantsThis crop can be sold for lots of money. It requires about 9 - 10 days to be harvested. Here's the hybridizing table:Bashber + MeloberBashber + KashryBashber + PaberrytaBashber + GretomaGretoma + MeloberGretoma + KashryGretoma + TobatamaKashry + MeloberMelotoma + TobatamaMelotoma + PotameloMelober + PotameloNote: If I am not mistaken, each Eggplant can be sold for 800G (if I am wrong, mail me). I think if it is haggled, it can reach as much as 960G.9) Normal CowYou will get a Normal Cow when you first started this game. Take good care of her and this includes snuggling, talking to her and brushing her as well.In about the middle Fall and Winter, after you had take a good care of her, she will produce S - rank milks. Each S-rank milk can be sell for 150G and if can be haggled, 180G each. If you already purchased Food Processing Room for 30 000G, turn all the milk that you have to butter or cheese. Here's the price:Butter Maker:Normal Milk B = Butter (average quality) - 225G to 270G*Normal Milk A = Butter (average quality) - 225G to 270G*Normal Milk S = Good Butter - 300G to 360G*Mother's Milk = Mother's Butter - 115G to 138G** = means if haggledNote: The price for the cheese is also the same as the butter's price depending on the it's gred.10) Star CowEach Star cow costs you 7000G. If you have take a good care of her, she will produce S - rank milk.Here's the price:B - Grade = 270G A - Grade = 405G S - Grade = 540GButter/cheese = 300G (all grade)Tips: I recommend you to change B - rank milk only to cheese or butter not the A-rank and S-rank milk.11) Golden eggsYour chicken will be giving you golden egg once they have 10 hearts. Also, you need to keep snuggling, talking and watch their health in order to make them to give you the golden eggs. Each golden egg can be sell for 300G and can be haggled until 360G.12) YamsThis method is not actually recommended because it takes too much time. But, if you have planted some yams and if you are considering to sell it, I advice you to change it to food which can be more profitable.> Grill Yam (Dessert menu) 75G> Yam Soup (Soup menu) 110G to 132G---> Both of this recipes require only one yam only to change it to dishes13) S - Rank Crops/Seeds (hybridizing method) (enchanting Method for you to make profits)Crops can be sold for more profits when they are at a better gred. To make a B - rank crops to S - rank, you must hybridize the crops/seeds with Tartan and with the required flowers. Use this flowers to any crop to improve its quality and characteristics. The more flowers you hybridized the crops/seeds, the higher the price. Happy Lamp - A green circle appears next to the seed's name, red in colour, >>>plants can be grown at any season if hybridized.Gemsoil - Black circle appears next to it, a looking - pale flower, >>>plants can be grown at any type of soil.Upseed - A red and bluish - looking flower>>>Improves seed's (only crops not trees) quality to S - rank if hybridized.14) Befriend VanThis is not a tip for making money but this is actually an important key for you to make one. After you had sell and buy something from him, he will be your friend. You can also give him statues, eggs and cooked food when he comes to open his shop. This will increase the chances for you to haggle the price for a better and more satisfying profit. This haggling method will just work for something which has a value of more than 100G (this does not include 100G) and it requires patience and a few tries before he offers for a better price. Also, you can decrease the price of the goat from 4000G to 1200G.Tips: After you unlocked Entree and Dessert option, keep cooking (does not matter if it still the same recipe) until you unlock a new cooking option which is the Main Dish (you need to cook about 7-10 more foods in order to unlock it)Tips: If I am not mistaken, each thing that can be haggled can actually increased the price of that thing to as much as 20%. So play smart because this haggling processes are proven to be very - very beneficial and profitable.The end.....About the guide and me/The AuthorI actually have two differs game play. The first one is until Spring the third chapter which was a trial (and I managed to get a lot of experiences from it) and the other one is until Spring chapter 2. (Still don't have tartan and still can't harvest the bananas that I have planted. But this one turns to be very successful because I managed to bought Food Processing Room for 30 000G,already have seed maker gave by Daryl, five chickens, a pond and 57000G more for me to buy the Great Field for my next strategy. This guide was made during November 2006 yet I lost the guide because several viruses managed to enter and struck my computer. Considering of the high requests for a Money - Making Guide from the fans of Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life: Special Edition around the world, I remake this guide during December 29th 2007. I posted this guide during the February 2nd 2008 because I am quite busy. This is actually my personal 2nd Guide.So I hope that this guide will actually help all of you who love Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life: Special Edition very much. Sorry for the mistakes, grammatical and typing errors that I wrote/typed and sorry for the inconvenience because I am actually not good in English. Thank for those who spend their time reading my guide and to Natsume and Marvelous for designing and creating this fascinating game. Any neither comments nor suggestions can be sent to me at: Last, but not least, please do not use any part of my guide without my permission or without my knowledgement.================================================================================Copyright (c) 2007 Amjad Farhan/Soul Eliminator/Disaster2006/Mononoke (The Beast)

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