Friday, June 5, 2009

Harvest Moon Back To Nature

Hmm ... The thing that I love from Harvest Moon - Back to Nature is that you can play it, like, forever! And it's so free, the game doesn't give you what goal you must achieve! You can choose it! I just love Elli because she is very helpful, and so sweet! Although most of my friends like Karen (Duh ,, the pretiest one) Elli kinda reminds me of myself! Hehe ...

Here are some random tips about Harvest Moon Back to Nature:

  • If you're a hard worker, go dig at the mine and collect ores as many as you can, and when you're character feels tired, go to the hot steamy pond near the digging site. Spend EXACTLY one hour in it and you'll power will be full!
  • If you get a horse, and you never take care of it and there's no heart, that old guy will take it back. YOU CAN GET IT BACK! If you plant 40 grass. Yeah, it costs a lot, but you have to if you want that horse back! And anyway, you don't need to water the grass, so it's not that hard!
  • Make sure you buy a BIN before winter, because you'll need it when you get into the "special mine" that can only be access in winter! Go into the mine and bring the bin with you, then you can sell min. 30 things (in the bin) and 8 more things in your bag! Put it in the bin near your farm, spend one hour in the hot steamy pond and start it again! It's better if you're a fast runner!
  • Bring your watering can to the "special mine" and dig to the bottom of the mine, you'll find a pond. Fill your watering can there and it'll be full forever!
  • YOU HAVE TO UPGRADE YOUR HOUSE because you'll need it to marry a girl. A girl won't marry you unless you upgraded your house! To me, it's kinda sucks.
  • YOU DON'T NEED TO MARRY ANYONE! In this Harvest Moon edition, it's a free thing to marry someone or not. Well ... If you marry a girl and she's the only person who loves you in the whole village, the mayor cannot kick you out, but if you're not married, he can kick you out unless the villagers love you.
  • You cannot win a swimming competition in the summer before you eat power berry!
  • You can divorced with your wife but you cannot marry other girl after that. You can remarried with your wife, though.


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