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Okay, the first post is about Harvest Moon - Save The Homeland. I think this HM was publish in 2004 ... And I bought it at the same year, in a cute little store in Samarinda (Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia). Now I'm in Bali, so it's been a verrry long time since I bought that game. Well, these are few tips I hope will help you with the game. HARVEST MOON ROCKS!

  • If you google "harvest mon - save the homeland", you'll find a forum that is CRAZY about cooking: they give you recipe like how to make jam, cake, milk, etc ... But first, you need to build a kitchen (and it's not cheap). Go to the carpenter's house and click a piece of paper on the table, choose something about "kitchen". It costs 10,000 but worth every single penny!

  • You know, you can pick a dog to keep, and my friend told me that she can only pick the dark-brown dog. THAT'S WRONG! You can pick the light-brown with pointy ears too! And all you need to do is walk casually to the dog you like and press X (or mab O in Japan?) if it doesn't work at the first try, try it again! Just make sure you don't use sickle or hoe to the dogs.

  • If you put your cows in the green pasture on sunny day and always brush and talk to them all the time, they will give you golden milk! But don't talk to them when they are upset, because they'll get more upset!

  • You can pick the horse you like! The first day you take the part-time job, brush ONLY ONE horse and the cow (don't forget the milk!). Talk to the horse and brush it again and again, until Bob stops you. When Bob decides to give you a horse, it'll be the horse that you picked!

  • There are so many endings, but I think the easiest one is the Blue Bird. The Cake Competition with Katie will be easier if you already have a golden egg and golden milk.

  • Train your dog with a flute, he'll be able to bark on your cows and make them walk into the barn. It's so helpful!

  • Remember to check the weather channel, it's always true!

  • When it's raining, use your hoe and dig the ground in front of your home, you'll find moon ore etc that you can sell to the carpenter.

  • There's a secret store in Dia's house. You can sell almost everything!

  • After you built the kitchen, make a jam! Use cranberries or that kind of fruit to make a jam!


3x fruit and a pot

  • Be friended with Jo, he'll give you a fishing rod. Use it to fish on the lake (especially on rainy days) and you can sell the fishes to the bar on evening. Kaching!

  • You can take a quiz! Just for leisure. Go to the harvest sprite's pond and throw a present (not a weed) to the pond and she'll say the wishes time is over, and then she'll pop the quiz.

Note: You can only do this when it's sunset.

  • If you be friended with Bob, and suddenly your dog gets sick (mab you don't feed him), go to the Bob's store and show the dog to him. He will say there's something wrong bla bla bla ... And voila! Your dog is healthy again! And the best of all, it's FREE!

  • It's very important for you to memorize your way home (*personal experience. Hehe ... >.<)

  • You can play an ending that includes Bob and Jen, it's about horse race.

  • YOU HAVE TO PICK AN ENDING! If you play the whole year without choosing any ending and only work to get money, then the Harvest Sprites will come to you at the end of the year, saying that it's too late, bla bla bla ... And game over!

  • No need to give present to anyone at the first, second and third day. They won't count it anyway.

  • You can put your dog in the house and he'll need no food, and he'll always be healthy!

  • You can't marry a girl in Harvest Moon - Save The Homeland. You just can't.

  • When you're very tired and the face in the start menu turns blue, eat something. Or you'll get sick.

  • There's a harvest spirit's house in your farm! It's next to the barn.

  • In harvest sprii's house, find out the date of full moon, and go to the bar near the lake. Behind that bar, there's a full moon fruit or something like that. Just click on it and save it, mab you'll need it someday?

  • When you first play and you wan't to have a chicken, don't buy the chicken! Just buy an egg in the supermarket and put it in the incubator. It's cheaper!

  • You can only keep 99 one kind of thing in your bag. (Ex: if you pick the a flower when there are 99 of them in your bag/rucksak, your character will say that you bag is full ...)

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