Monday, June 8, 2009

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - CAKE CONTEST

Level : Medium

It's easy when you already have golden egg and golden milk, just be friended with Dia (she loves blueberries) and she will give Katie a book, and then Katie will try to make a cake to win the contest, then Katie will ask your help, bla bla ...

This is my favorite part: You will need a MoonDrop Dew and you need to go the Goddess Lake to create that with the girl that loves you! Then both of your love with make a MoonDrop Dew *I'm blushing, almost crying*. Then Katie will use it to make a cake.

Then, as an ending, Katie, Lyla and Gwen will show up in front of your house and tell you that you've saved the homeland. And Katie tell you that she will be off to the town to learn about culinary, then your character will be quiet for a second, (probably gazing into Katie's eyes) and agrees in a gentleman way. *blushing again*

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