Saturday, January 30, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Watering Can Upgrade

You are not a farmer yet until you upgrade your watering can! And here is some tips, all-about watering can ...

If you want to upgrade your watering can, go to Saibara. His shop is in the left side of the lane near the wine shop.

Remember, if you choose to upgrade, there is a fee and you won't be able to use your watering can for few days ...

And you need more stamina when you are using upgraded watering can. I'll give you the example: when you've upgraded your watering can, you can pick wether you want to water the plants with the first or second level, if you hit the button to water and hold it long enough, you can see your character is trying harder to water the plants, and the result will be better than the first level. But you must understand that his stamina will decrease faster too! ^_ ^

Oh, and the most important thing is ...

No need to go for the fourth upgrade level! Because there is no difference between the fourth level and the third level, so why wasting your money? 


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