Thursday, January 21, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Hurricaces

I've heard that hurricane doesn't exist in Harvest Moon Back to Nature, well whoever said that, I've been through that hurricane. 

In order to prevent the same mistakes, I write this list of what you should do knowing that a hurricane can destroy your farm:

  1. Befriend the harvest sprites, make sure they still have their hearts for you, so you can ask them to work in your farm before the hurricane comes. 
  2. Bring in your dog into the house the night before the hurricane, or he'll lose a heart for you!
  3. You might want to re-think about planting seeds and etc ... 
  4. Hot house is the greatest when it comes to hurricane ... 
  5. Be prepared for the damage the hurricane may cause
  6. Watch the TV everyday to know when will the hurricane comes. 

~The risk of being a farmer~
Enjoy Harvest Moon!

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