Saturday, January 2, 2010

Child's Status

I think I've written a post about ST, SP & AP and about the diary, so now I will continue talking about diary, but now it's about your child's status.

You need to check child's status so you can decide what influence is good for him, you check the bar about:

1. Animal
2. Musical
3. Plants
4. Painting
5. Sports
6. Knowledge/intellectuality

The mother of the child (a.k.a your wife) will make a difference too, if you marry Lumina, your child will have the biggest musical talent, but if you marry Celia, your child will love to grow trees and etc,

You can also show your child some utensils such as hoe if you want him/her to follow your trace, and so on ...


Anonymous said...

In Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Special Edition what is lumina's son's personality?In the game each child has a certain personality. Muffy's is mischievous but athletic, Celia's is perky and loves plants and farming, and Nami's is shy and artistic. The daughters have the same personality as their boy counterparts. But what is Lumina's son's (and daughter's technically) personality, skills and interests on an in depth level? And can you give the others skills and interests on a in depth level (like percents). Also that picture is from Harvest Moon Another Wonderful Life. Do you own the game. Can you describe their (the children) personality, skills and interests? The children have to be my one of my favorite things about harvest moon and A Wonderful Life did the child experience best out of anyone!!!!!!
- Foster

Bali Tidbits said...

Hello Foster! I am working on the writing about the children, hope you'll be able to read it in one of the posts soon! *finger-crossed*