Saturday, January 16, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Goddess Festival

There is a festival called Goddess Festival, and you can ask one of the girls in village, but you have to earn her heart first, if her heart is black, she won't go with you. But she'll still be in the festival, though.

If you want to ask a girl to go to the GF with you, you can ask the day before the event, no need to give or show her anything, the option will pop-up automatically whenever you talk with her. 


So, here is what happen after the Goddess Festival, if you go there by yourself, you'll go home after the festival. But when you go to the festival with a girl, she'll take you somewhere after the festival! I think it's getting a bit boring and complicated ....     >_<       This is the list:

Elli                  :      lake
Karen             :        inn
             Mary              :       mother's hill
     Popuri            :        beach

Sometimes I think the reason why Popuri picks the beach is because of Kai ... Hmm ...   >_<


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