Friday, January 15, 2010

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - How to Know if Your Guy is Sick

Have you ever work so hard without eating anything? And then the next day you spend your whole day in bed? I have. And that is annoying when I'm trying to fulfill my goals for the season! Or if I'm so close to the ending! So here is another quick tip for checking your guy's character's health.

Hit the start button and look at the round face in the menu. The round face will show you the color of your character's health, if the color is blue then you have to hit the bed right away! Or else he'll be sick and you lost a day because of that!

Oh, and here is something interesting: if you befriend with Kate, she'll visit you and make a soup or something like it, and if you befriend with Tom, he'll visit you too. But they can't visit you at the same time, though.

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