Saturday, January 2, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - How to Get Muffy's Heart in 1 Day

This is a fun way to get Muffy's heart in just a day, but you need to do this at the first chapter, or so called the beginning.

One the first day, go to the mine and start to dig, find the moon ore that Muffy loves and give it to her right away, collect flowers and give it to her again, if she asks you what are you doing in the bar, pick the 'too see your face' option, and the her face will start blushing and she will like you more.


Enter your house and then go out again, Takakura will call you to talk about something, but then both of you will find Muffy, standing there in your farm. Your dog will start to bark at her, and you will save her, the important thing is, don't pick the 'what are you doing here' option, or she'll be angry and you won't get any heart.

It's very simple ... Try it! Good luck in finding Muffy's heart!

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