Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Price of Milks

I prefer selling milks to Van, not to Takakura, so that I can haggle the price and getting more money! And of course, you can get the money faster from Van, because he'll give the money to you right away, not like Takakura. But still, you'll need Takakura when you're planning to build something or if you want to buy an animal.  ^_^

This is the price of the milk:

Normal cow 
B   : 75 G
A  : 115 G
S  : 150 G
B  : 115 G
A  : 175 G
S  : 225 G 
B  : 115 G
A  : 175 G
S  : 225 G 
B  : 270 G
A  : 405 G
S  : 540 G
Referring to the list, you can haggle the price of A & S Milk from normal cow, 
and all B, A, and S from brown, marble, and star cow.   

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