Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Always Win the Horse Race

If you're into the horse race, then one thing for sure: you must win! There is no other way if you want to finish the ending using 'Horse Race' ending. And here is a quick tip about how to always win the horse race:

Earn 5 hearts from you horse

Well, when you've earned it, could you lose it? Of course!

Here's the way to lose your horse's heart:
  1. You forget to brush him
  2. You forget to feed him
  3. You forget to put him inside the barn when it's raining
  4. You hurt him with sickle

Avoid all of that!

And also, you might want to give Gwen presents (she loves home-made jam), so you can compete with her and her horse. Once you beat her, the chances of winning the horse race will raise!  So be prepared!


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