Friday, February 5, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature

I think in some ways people will think that Karen is a materialistic girl, but yet, one thing for sure, she is pretty!

And speaking about material, Karen loves flower. So you need to pick up all the flowers you can find and give it to her. 

But here is something you need to know:

you don't need to talk to Karen too much
Maybe if you like Mary or any other girls, you will talk more often to them, and that is a right tactic! But it won't work on Karen ... She will like you more if you give her many gifts and talk less. 

~So be a cool guy! ^_^v~ 


Not just a not . . . said...

heyy :)

i like ur blog .
r u harvest moon "freak" ??? *udah tau nanya*
cud u speak indo? *of course*
hha :D

nice 2 know u..^^

Bali Tidbits said...

Glad to know that u like my blog. ^_^
Me? A Harvest Moon freak? I think in some ways .... absolutely. lol.

Btw template blog-mu keren. ;)
udh lama ya belajar bahasa jepang?
ajarin dong.