Saturday, January 2, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Diary's Secret

Does diary have a secret???

Oh yes ... And it's great if you know it, because you can control your character better than if you don't pay attention to this:

1. SP = spirit, increase the spirit by socializing
2. ST = stamina, you have to drink the drink that Griffin sells in his bar,
3. AP = or so called appetite, it's about eating healthy and eating regularly.

You can check this diary in the house of yours, on the table next to your bed. You can also check anyone (or anything) in your farm such as your wife's heart, your cow's milk grade and the fishes you've caught, etc ...

Many of my friends think diary is not important, but I think it is! I even made my own 'Harvest Moon Note' to write about my activies in harvest moon so I won't forget where to continue when I play the game again. *just random share, hehe*

Hope you like it! Tadaah~

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