Saturday, January 2, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Complete Building

Okay, so you're obsessed about completing the buildings in your farm, oh, and add another soil field for your plants, so here they are, the actual, complete list about the upgrade level in your farm that you can check in the diary, but before you upgrade it, you can only see '????', but I've written it, so if you think this is some kind of SPOILER, stop reading at this paragraph. ^_^

1. Your own house
2. Chicken coop
3. Tool Shed
4. Barn
5. Production room
6. Food Storage
7. Seed Maker
8. New Soil Field
9. Milking Room (is that the correct name? I'm not sure ... But you got the idea!)
10. Fertilizer Maker
11. Chicken fence
12. Pond

Twelve of them, you don't have to build all of them, though. Enjoy!

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