Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - COMPLETE List of Records

Read this list and listen to the records ... ^_^ Seems you like the records that can be played in your farm! You can have all the records if you want, and here is the list and how to get them:

    1. 64 Memories: try to win the game against Kassey or Patrick at least 9 times. 
    2. Joy of Fall: befriend with Mukumuku (read the post about things that Mukumuku likes!)
    3. Town Spirit: befriend with the guy in Romana's Villa, Sebastian. 
    4. Summer Memories: befriend with Carter, when both of you are at the beach, he'll give it to you. 
    5. The Bride: the working lady (Chris) has this record.
    6. Marine Jazz: visit Griffin in his room. 
    7. Winter HM: wait until year/chapter 2 and befriend with Kate. 
    8. Butterfly: befriend with Marlin and meet him near the waterfall.
    9. Flowerbud Fall: visit Rock in his room in the Inn. 

Can you collect all of this? Sure! But I suggest you do this after you got a lot of money and stuff, because after all, it's just for fun ... ^o^

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