Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Upgrading Fishing Rod #2

I'm re-writing about upgrading the fishing rod, hopefully the new details will help. Enjoy! :D

So, you went to Louis' Shop with enough money and a fishing rod in your inventory/tools section, but there is no any 'upgrade fishing rod' option in the 'buy section' in Louis' Shop! What should you do?

Well, here is the trick: You should fish everyday and give Joe a medium or big fish everyday (even better if you can cook it first in your kitchen), give Kurt some fresh tomatoes from your farm, and dig ores for Woody. Do this for seven days or more.

After that, enter the Louis' Shop again, cross your fingers, and hopefully you can see the 'upgrade' option in the 'buy section'

Wait for the complete step by step in finishing the Fish Ending in the next post! :)

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