Friday, May 14, 2010

Praise The Lord Jesus, I Finished My National Exam!

Praise the Lord Jesus, I finished my National Exam! 

I took the test from 29th of March until 1st of April, and I got the result on 7th of May!

Want to know the result? Here it is ... 

38.10 / 40.00

I didn't finish my breakfast. :D I was so happy, I got butterflies in my stomach, I hopped here and there, I smiled everywhere, and I made some phone calls, thanking my teachers and all my angels. :) And of course, I prayed, with trembling hands caused by excitement, sending tons of thank you to Lord Jesus, for giving me this present, that no one can ever give!

Oh, I forgot to tell you, the National Exam (Ujian Nasional) is the test that we have to take in order to continue to Junior High, Senior High, or University. All students in Indonesia must take this test as a legal certificate for their education.

Thank you Thank you Thank you God!


kim sungje said...

selamat yah ^^

Bali Tidbits said...

Hehe, makasih Kim ...
Sekarang udah bebas dari beban berraat ... :D
And the best part is, I can play Harvest Moon all day long!

I'm in Harvest Moon Heaven! ;)