Saturday, February 6, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Necklace

So in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life and Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life you will get an item, (necklace) if you befriend Flora. She likes flowers, so you can give the flowers to her everytime you visit the mine for a part-time job. 

And what about the necklace? What is the function of the necklace? Sad to say, there's no any function at all. 

  • You can sell it to Van if you want, but the price doesnt' worth all the time and flowers you gave to Flora. ^_^ 
  • Or you can keep it in your rucksack or shelves, and do completely nothing with it.

This is just an additional item to spice up the game, a gift from one of the villager for you. So don't spend too much time wandering for the function of the necklace. It's pretty cute, by the way. ^o^

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CrystalMaiden 77 said...

She does not like flowers, she doesn't even recognize them as gifts. And you can give them to your kid.