Thursday, February 25, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Ball from Won

One day you can find Won in your farm (this is a cut-scene), and he likes to offer you a very special ball, which can be used to train your dog. ^_^ I suggest you to buy this ball, because it's not just for fun. If you train your dog well, then you can win The Dog Race (10th of Winter). ;) 

Okay, so here is some tips about the 'special ball'
  • You can multiply the ball! Try to throw the ball, and while your dog is trying to catch the ball, pick it up. Both of you must do it at the exact time. So your dog is biting a ball and you'll be holding a ball too. ^_^ 
  • Never try to throw the ball into the pond. I've tried it. 
  • Ball is the most common item that can cause certain glitches. I will try to write the details of the glitch ... ^_^ 

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