Saturday, February 20, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - The Common Mistakes

As a newbie, I made a few (actually TONS) of mistakes in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life. ^_^

So I made a list about the most common  mistakes:

Selling you first cow
Why? Because your first cow that Takakura gave you will produce milk for a long time. And if you sell her and buy another cow, you'll have to wait forever to milk the new cow. 
Not buying any fertilizer
Because you think that the fodder in the barn will be enough.Or because you spend your money for something else. 

Trying to enter the town
Two words: game over. 
Not befriend Takakura
And then you'll lose Tartan ...
Spending your time trying to find your way home. Do my trick: make your own map! =)

Not taking care of your dog
Because you think he's just an accessory 
Say no when a girl propose you
Again: game over 
Selling the items that's more than 100 G to Takakura
When you can sell it for a higher price to Van.
There they are, the most common mistakes. Of course, there are always a few mistakes along the way when you play Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, no matter how perfect your plans are, there are always few things that you can't control (weathers and stuff) 
When you're having this kind of situation, remember the most important thing:

~Keep Loving Harvest Moon!~


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