Saturday, February 20, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Chapter One

Honestly, I think this blog needs more posts ... Because when I checked my labels, there are only 111 tips about Harvest Moon. Well, I think, for the super-amazing Harvest Moon, 111 tips won't be enough, right?

So I guess I have to write as many tips as I can ... ^_^ I hope you'll enjoy it!

And now, we're talking about the first chapter of Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, here it is ...

Chapter One

  • Collect the livestock
  • Befriend Nina, have the recipe
  • Befriend all neighbors 
  • Win a girl's heart 
  • Make money as much as you can ... 
  • Have a horse 
  • Train your dog

These are the most important aspects you need to reach in chapter one. Of course, if you could have more, why not? 

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