Monday, February 15, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Useful Tips about Goat

You can buy goat from Van, on 3rd Spring in second chapter/second year. It's 4000 G. But does she worth the price? Well, you tell. ;p Because I will only write about the good and bad sides if you buy a goat.

Good Sides:
  1. You can milk a goat. So she is not a pet. (If you say a pet is an animal you nurture only for fun)
  2. Goat is pretty unique, you can't buy her from anyone except from Van. Not even Takakura!
  3. Goat will give milk immediately, not like the cow when you have to wait about a season before you can milk her.

Bad Sides:
  1. On the fourth season she'll stop producing milk.
  2. She'll be sad when she stops producing milk, and you can see the stress level is high
  3. You have to give a spot in the barn for her, so one less cow in the barn. =)

So there they are, 3 good and bad sides, but here is the real tips about getting a goat:
Befriend Van, give him an egg everytime he comes. You can do this when he has finished his job, closed the store and went home. Follow him, talk to him and give him eggs. He'll like you more, and then you can haggle the price until 400 G.

To make your goat happy, use the brush for you cow. She can use it too!

Never mind the face that the goat shows. I think she'll never smile. :p

Good luck! v^_^v

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