Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Secret Girl: Elizabeth

Hello friends, long time no see! :)

First of all, I have to say that the newest and the latest come-back post is inspired by the comment from Crystal___♥ in Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Music Box :) thank you for inspiring!

So here it is! The Secret Girl from Harvest Moon Back to Nature!

Hmm, I wanted to put the 'spoiler' banner after 'Elizabeth', but then I think that we all need to know this one little detail: she doesn't exist! 
And I made some simple Rumors and Facts:
Rumor: when all of your rivals are married to the girls, then a new girl named Elizabeth will come and marry you
Fact: There are five potential bride to be: Maria, Elli, Ann, Karen and Popuri. When all of the bachelors are married, you will stay single forever. Click here for the marriage details.

Rumor: Elizabeth lives in a house inside the forest in the back of the church
Fact: The harvest sprites live there.

Rumor: Elizabeth is the little girl from your past
Fact: spoiler. The truth is, the all five potential girls are the little girl from the past, you can see this after you are married to any girl, and you will have a conversation inside your house one day telling that your wife is the one that you met long time ago when you're having a holiday in you grandfather's farm.

I hope the post is useful! I love this secretive Harvest Moon Back to Nature! :)

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