Thursday, December 15, 2011

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Baby

The second most favorite topic in Harvest Moon Back to Nature after marriage is baby ^^ And the good thing in nurturing a baby inside your home is because you'll gain a great percentage from him, which will be important for your final score :) haha. You can check your percentage anytime by opening the Start menu.

Now, if you're married to one of the five potential girls in the village, which could be Elli, Mary, Karen, Popuri, or Ann, it's time to have a baby! And here is the how to:

Give a gift for her for 30 days straight.

While you would still have a baby even if you're not doing this, but the action will speed up the event. And after that, your wife will start to act a little bit strange by telling you that she feels sick in the morning. There are two ways to react:

  1. Ignore the news, keep doing whatever you are doing but stay away from the clinic. The one day around 11 pm your wife will say that she lost a lot energy, and wake up the next day telling you that she's pregnant.
  2. Go to the clinic and find the doctor. 

Personally, I chose the second way, it sounds more gentleman :p Anyway, you'll have to wait for 58 days, around 2 seasons. There is nothing you can do for your wife, really, so what I did was working and working knowing that a little baby is on his way! :)

Baby Phase
There are 3 phases in your baby's life, 
  1. Infant. No one can touch the baby except his mother. He has the heart meter but you can't raise it yet. 
  2. Crawling. This will happen after a year, you can touch and pick him up, this is the perfect time to raise his heart meter. You can tell that he's crawling by looking at his gesture and the costume he's wearing--a blue delicate one.
  3. Walking-Talking. This will happen around 3 seasons after the crawling phase, the fun thing to do is to watch him talking (you can't really listen since Harvest Moon Back to Nature doesn't include voices to the characters :p) 

Additional Tips and Trivia:
  1. You can only have one baby. 
  2. The baby heart meter influences your percentage, so make sure it always goes up.
  3. Your baby will never be a grown up person, and the rumor which says that the baby will eventually grow up and take care of the farm is a false story.
  4. Spoiler. After a long long long time he will say 'Daddy', which is cute :) 
  5. A simple way to rocket the heart meter:

Hot Milk Recipe
Main Ingredient: Milk
Additional Ingredient: Sugar
Main Utensil: Pan

~Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon!~      


singgih anggara sudarta said...

hi, can speak in bahasa right?

blognya keren :) gw juga masih suka main harvestmoon, yang back to nature.
gw mau nanya, bisa nggak sih kita liat rival kita nikah di geraja? caranya?

Bali Tidbits said...

Hello there Singgih :)

It's always a pleasure to meet Harvest Moon fans from Indonesia! :D and yes, I can speak in Indonesian :p hahaha ...

Terima kasih buat komentarnyaaa, jangan bosan main Harvest Moon ya :D

if it's okay with you, I'll answer the question in English :) So that others can read it too ;)

And because this question is too good to be answered in a comment box, I'm going to write a post about that :) again, thank you for your question!

Come back soon!