Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Diary about Home in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland


Hello! :) I'd like to write in the Special Diary tag. It's about Harvest Moon Save The Homeland, the first Harvest Moon that I bought.

From my other post, I've written about how I found the Harvest Moon Save The Homeland, in a tiny shop in small town with BIG question mark. I knew nothing about the game, but yet, I can tell that I will love it eventually. And I did. :)

So, being able to play hours and hours in my bedroom with a simple TV that turns green and blue without any warning, I can't help but get drown in such addictive game, thinking about the greatest strategies and stuff. ^_^

And when I noticed that I can upgrade my house with a help from the carpenter, I was so excited!

But here is the problem: I didn't have enough money. I checked the amount of money that I had that time in the diary, and I clicked the 'upgrade house' option with high-volt frustration. :p I know nothing about cheats and stuff, and so there is only one way: do it manually (read: work)

I stood in front of Brown Farm, waiting for Bob to open his store so I can take the part-time job. I milked my cows and rode everywhere with my horse (his name is Faith) to find anything. I always checked my rucksack, hoping I'll find something worth enough to sell. Lila never gets any of my flowers anymore. Arnold said I look pale. When it's raining and Bob won't give me the job, I went fishing until my horse fell asleep near the bar. I dug every space to get ores. Boy, it was a hard work.

Then, after I got 10,000 G, I didn't waste any time to gaze at the amount or anything, I hit the carpenter's house and clicked the option. The carpenter said he'll start working tomorrow. I was speechless. What? You can't do that! Sadly, Harvest Moon doesn't offer any violation. So I just stood there, the carpenter, Gwen, and I.

Then my Mom said it's time to sleep. Okay.

When I opened my game the next day, I saw the cut-scene, and there it is. My character was sleeping when he suddenly woke up and walked outside, finding the work of the carpenter was done, and then, the camera started to shoot the new upgraded-house. My character stood and took a really good look at the super fantastic house. And so did I.  It's not just a house, it's a home. With it's blue paint and the nice cozy kitchen, I almost cry. Or maybe I did? Hehe ... I don't remember the details, everything was a blur.

But I can still recall the sweet feeling when I saw my new home. I've worked--well, probably played for a long time to achieve such dream. And I think that's why Harvest Moon is so precious. Because they have a special room in every gamers' heart.

Love you Harvest Moon! :)

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