Monday, April 5, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Getting Your Horse

Now you're in chapter 2, without any horse. Yikes! How could that happen?

There are several reasons, maybe it's raining when Takakura decided to give you the horse, or maybe your barn is full, etc ...

But here are some quick tips about getting your horse:
  1. Normally, you'll get a horse from Takakura in the first chapter. 
  2. Befriend Takakura and at least talk to him. 
  3. Check your barn. Hit the select and learn your map. If your barn is full, then you won't get a horse.
  4. Try giving Takakura home-made food. 

So I hope you'll get your horse! :) 

Oh, and I need to tell you, there are many options in picking the color of your horse, you can save the event where Takakura gives you the horse and restart it all over again until you've got the horse you like.

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