Saturday, April 17, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Milking Room

I have some interesting facts about the milking room, hope it'll help you to decide is it worth it or not! :)

  1. The cost is 60,000 G 
  2. The option to build a milking room is in the storage building
  3. You won't need to waste your time milking your cows 
  4. When you put your cows inside the milking room for a day--straight--then you won't need to push them to the milking room everyday
  5. The milking room will influence your child's career, when you have a milking room, there is a possibility that your son/daughter will become a farmer. :) 


Anonymous said...

Your Harvest Moon Blog is very helpful, but I have a question. I bought a milking room and it says I did, but it never appeared. Why not? :O

freaked out person

Anonymous said...

never mind about the milking room :) it came eventually! it just took a while :D

Anonymous said...

I bought a milking room but couldn't get my cow in there? How do I get it in there?

Bali Tidbits said...

Hello there freaked out person, hehe, you're name is cute <3, hehe. yes, it did freak me out too, and I also did believe that Takakura was a swindler, but actually he is not :p so I'm so sorry for that Takakura, haha. Oh and when you're doing business with Takakura, just remember to be patient, all the business with him--buying animal food, selling your eggs, purchasing building and animal--will take a few days, because he needs to go to town to do all of those stuff :)

~Keep loving Takakura!~

Bali Tidbits said...

Hi Anonymous :) thank you for the question :)

You can push your cow to the milking room door, which is located right across that box where you take the fodder. If you still can't push after trying several times, then try to check the cow herself, is she a cow? I mean, not a bull? :) and make sure that she is not pregnant, had given a birth (if she's not the first cow that Takakura gave when you entered the village) and is in a healthy shape :) best of luck!

~Harvest Mooooooon!~ get it? get it? lol.