Saturday, April 17, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Get ALL Hearts

Isn't it fun when you can have all the girls in the village loves you? :p Yes, they all can have a red heart at the same time if you want!

First, give all the girls their favorite items. Karen loves wine and Ann loves eggs, Popuri loves jewelry, Mary loves mushrooms and Elli loves flowers.

Then, go visit their spot. Go to the supermarket and buy something, go to the inn and eat anything, go to Poultry Farm and buy 8 chickens, go to the library and read books, go to the clinic and have a check up.

When they have a red heart, don't forget to hit the supermarket and buy a blue feather. Don't buy it from Won!!! ^_^

There are several warnings, though, you'll need to spend extra time wooing the girls, and you might end up with no one because you can't decide which girl are you going to marry, or they all marry someone else when you are busy collecting the hearts. :(

Hope it helps!

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